Town Clerk

Contact the Town Clerk:

You can email any and all requests to the Croydon Town Clerk here or at [email protected]

Our office hours are Mon-Weds, 12 PM - 6 PM.

Role & Purpose:

The role of a Town Clerk in New Hampshire is essential to the smooth functioning of the town's administrative processes. The Town Clerk serves as the hub of local government information and services, ensuring accessibility for all residents.

The Town Clerk is responsible for various tasks that keep the town running efficiently. One primary duty is maintaining vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, and property records. These records serve as important documentation for legal and historical purposes.

Another critical responsibility of the Town Clerk is overseeing elections. They coordinate voter registration, manage polling locations, and ensure the integrity of the voting process. This ensures that all eligible residents have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process equally and fairly.

Additionally, the Town Clerk handles licensing and permits, such as dog licenses. They provide assistance and guidance to residents who may need help understanding the requirements and procedures, making sure everyone can access town services.



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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul Michael Freitas Town Clerk (603) 863-7830